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How We Operate

A CanDo Doula may be the only constant professional figure during pregnancy and birth.  She will put in the hours to get to know the mother and gain her trust. After building a trusting relationship with a mother, a doula visits her before and after the birth on a regular basis in the comfort of her own home. 


As statutory services are becoming increasingly stretched, a mother may be in touch with a number of different social workers and midwives. To explain your circumstances and describe traumatic events repeatedly at various meetings is stressful and upsetting. But with a CanDo Doula, the mother has a representative who can advocate on her behalf at meetings and who has the full picture of her circumstances.

During the Pregnancy

CanDo Doulas will support mothers throughout their pregnancy and help them to make necessary changes in anticipation of the birth, for example making their house a baby-friendly environment. There is also an important teaching element so the mother can understand what to expect and feel prepared for the birth and her new life as a parent. 

During the Birth

Our Doulas are paid to be ‘on call’ two weeks before and two weeks after the estimated due date so that they can be present at the birth as a birth partner and can help the mother make informed medical choices, explain what is happening to her and provide emotional support and encouragement. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema
During the Postnatal Period

CanDo Doulas will meet with the mother for up to three months after the birth for face-to-face weekly sessions. The doulas will assess the practical and emotional needs of the mother and help her to settle into her new way of life as a parent.

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