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How You Can Support Us

Donations are crucial for CanDo to continue this successful work and we appreciate any contributions. Donate any amount via the button below:

How Your Money Makes a Difference


We are always in need of donations from supporters to continue this service. Your valuable contributions will pay for:

  • Supporting mothers and families, through pregnancy, birth and postnatal months, emotionally and physically.

  • Training doulas to support mothers with complex needs, so that they can assess the mother’s needs and make every effort to meet these needs in a person-centred, flexible and appropriate manner

  • Covering the Doula’s costs of travel, administration, ‘on-call’ fees, support and supervision

  • Providing wider training for local teams to provide information and resources that will equip professionals to work effectively with parents with complex needs

Get In Touch


If you would like to organise a fundraiser for CanDo or find out more ways to raise money for us please get in contact at



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